Local SEO

The local SEO is the set of techniques focused on increasing the visibility of a web page in the search results taking into account the geographical location of the user.

If you have a business and you want to promote your website so that it appears in the first results of local searches , it has our local SEO service. We know the techniques that make your business stand out from others. We configure your page so that Google correctly indexes it, we improve the structure of your website, we adapt your content so that you will find potential clients that look for businesses like yours in the area and we work with you linkbuilding techniques. If you do not know how to do it or do not have time to devote to your online business trust us to increase the traffic of your website and improve your visibility on Google.

We improve your local positioning

We configure your page

We configure the necessary aspects for Google to index it correctly, without the need to redesign your website.

Configuramos tu página

Configuramos los aspectos necesarios para que Google la indexe correctamente, sin necesidad de rediseñar tu web.

We adapt the content

We write the content of your page to capture the attention of your potential clients when they find you in the search results.

Adaptamos el contenido

Redactamos el contenido de tu página para captar la atención de tus potenciales clientes cuando te encuentren en los resultados de búsqueda.

We encourage reviews

We configure your page to collect ratings from satisfied customers and we take advantage of them to increase your credibility.

Fomentamos las reviews

Configuramos tu página para recoger valoraciones de clientes satisfechos y las aprovechamos para incrementar tu credibilidad.

We optimize your web

We audit your page and detect the content that must be optimized. We take care of improving it so that Google does not find obstacles when it comes to tracking your website.

Optimizamos tu web

Auditamos tu página y detectamos el contenido que debe ser optimizado. Nos encargamos de mejorarlo para que Google no encuentre impedimentos a la hora de rastrear tu web.


We teach you the techniques to get other websites to link and recommend your business naturally.


Te enseñamos las técnicas para conseguir que otras webs enlacen y recomienden tu negocio de manera natural.

Get them found you on Google

Increase the visibility of your online business. Position your business in the first results of local searches.

our servicies

We position your business in local searches

SEO Experts

Specialized in local SEO. Our goal is to increase your visibility.

Web Development

We have expert and agile developers with every small change.

Google Analytics

We configure the analytics of your page and share the monthly results.

Editors En / Es

Our editors are experts in SEO and write with knowledge of your sector.


We study your business proposal and create ad-hoc content for your clients.

Designer Team

We publish content and images with pleasure, caring for the image of your brand.

Do we work with SEO?

Surely you have been listening to the importance of SEO for your website for years and this may be your pending issue. If you have a local business and you want to increase the traffic of your web page to appear in the first results , it is time. Because right now? The algorithm of Google is more oriented to local searches and understands the terms that users look for when they consult, for example, “veterinary clinic” on their mobile (80% of the searches that are made today come from mobile), always trying to return the best response at that time. Thanks to the geolocation of our phone or computer and the information of previous searches, among other variables, Google detects that this person is looking for a veterinary clinic near where it is and shows the most appropriate results for that user at the time of the search. Here and now.

Local businesses no longer compete with large companies that invest in SEO, but with other businesses in the area that understand the importance of local SEO and what it means in terms of sales and reach.