Google My Business

Google My Business is a Google tool that allows businesses to increase their visibility on the page Results and position your business on Google and Google Maps for local searches.

In Be in the G we manage your business card in Google My Business so they can find you in your area easily . We take care of positioning your business and make it stand out from the competition. We attract new customers who are looking for businesses like yours in the area and turn them into real visits.

We manage your local business

Business listing

We create, claim or adapt your business card according to the identity of your company.

Fichas de negocio

Creamos, reclamamos o adecuamos tu ficha de negocio acorde a la identidad de tu empresa.


We encourage the growth of positive reviews and we serve the client immediately.


Fomentamos el crecimiento de reviews positivas y atendemos al cliente de manera inmediata.


We manage the content of your business and communicate your activity with publications.


Gestionamos el contenido de tu negocio y comunicamos tu actividad con publicaciones.


We keep the image of your business updated. We offer 360º images of the interior of your premises.


Mantenemos actualizada la imagen de tu negocio. Ofrecemos imágenes 360º del interior de tu local.


We publish your product catalog to increase the probability of sale in store.


Publicamos tu catálogo de productos para aumentar las probabilidades de venta en tienda.

Activate your business on Google

Get to reach new customers looking for business like yours. Make your business relevant in searches.

our services

We Manage your business
in Google My Business

Immediate response

We manage your business card and attend the consultations on the same day.

Customer Service

We respond with the message and tone as you would do with your clients.

Results Reports

We share a report in real time so you can see the results of your business.

Editors En / ES

Our editors are experts in SEO and write with knowledge of your sector.


We study your business proposal and create ad-hoc content for your clients.

Design Team

We publish content and images with pleasure, caring for the image of your brand.


Our rates vary depending on the number of locations and business activity. Get in touch with us so that we can offer you a personalized quote. The rates shown are indicative.

Business List

150 Monthly
  • 1 Place in GMB
  • Creation or name change
  • Place verification

Activity Management

100 Monthly
  • Weekly publications
  • Images
  • Resport results

Why Be in the G?

We are specialized in positioning and Local SEO. We master the Google My Business techniques that will grow your business locally .

Our service is focused on small and medium businesses such as restaurants, hotels, fashion stores and small businesses that want to increase their visibility in Google . We create your business card, we control the content of your brand through publications and we encourage the growth of reviews to attract new customers.

We get your business relevant and we increase its importance.